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    Nowadays, all the sanitary napkins and liners have the same problem: The waterproof film and all the surface of the sanitary commodity are made by plastic film. People cannot flush away such kind of the material in the toilet.If they are disposed in the drainage, the toilet will be blocked. Burning will cause air pollution. All the ideas above for solving the problem will pollute the environment seriously.
    At present, YIANJIE developed first high technology sanitary product in China. It has a very special waterproof technology and it can be flushed away. We call it flushable and biodegradable environmental sanitary towel. It is a revolution in the sanitary products.
    The series of Yianjie sanitary products not only provide the reliable products for modern females but also offer a single solution to flush them away, greatly respecting and protecting the females' privacy. On a whole, Yianjie sanitary products have the waterproof elememts made of the latest environmental biodegradable materials.
    Yianjie protects not only you but also more of our planet.
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